Custom Engraved Medical Alert Bracelets For Cancer Patients

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Medical alert bracelets. For cancer patients and survivors, these simple tools can help make a substantial impact, particularly in an emergency, as treatment history can often impact the path of care.

For instance, some cancers (such as breast cancer and thyroid cancer) and their treatments can impact the lymphatic system, creating a lifelong risk of developing lymphedema. One way to help reduce this risk is by wearing a lymphedema alert that lets first responders know they should avoid performing tests and treatments on your impacted limb, as this can worsen or trigger lymphedema. Learn more about lymphedema alerts here.

However, lymphedema risk is not the only reason people wear custom cancer bracelets. When asked about cancer and significant medical histories in our 2020 First Responder Survey, participants were clear that having information about current and past cancers can be of benefit.

From the “pre-hospital” side, EMT-P Nicholas Yoncher agrees, “[A medical alert] may significantly impact my care depending on allergens or past history.”

Likewise, Josh, RN, BSN, agrees that this information is also beneficial in the hospital setting: “For medical conditions I am usually only worried about conditions that can cause an actual medical emergency, example, lethal cardiac arrhythmia, cancer or tumors that are a likely cause of this problem.” -Josh RN, BSN

“For medications and medical conditions, I generally am only concerned with meds that have severe reactions to other common emergency medicines. For medical conditions I am usually only worried about conditions that can cause an actual medical emergency, example, lethal cardiac arrhythmia, cancer or tumors that are a likely cause of this problem.

-Josh RN, BSN”

Cancer medical alert bracelets are also important for people whose cancer has required removal of an organ. For example, the Mayo Clinic suggests that patients who have undergone a splenectomy, “Consider wearing a medical alert bracelet that indicates that you don't have a spleen.”

Stylish medical ID jewelry for cancer patients and survivors

Our jewelry for cancer patients and survivors spans from men’s dog tags or women’s medical alert bracelets. Cancer does not limit you to a specific set of bracelets or necklaces. Rather, you can choose whichever style is right for you. Here are some basics to help narrow things down:

Decorative medical alert cuffs for cancer and lymphedema Cuffs: People often choose cuffs during and after cancer treatment because they are highly adjustable and easy to put on and remove without clasping. This is particularly helpful if you need an adaptable fit or have any dexterity challenges.
Woman showing decorative medical ID tag with white caduceus symbol Stretch: Our stretch bracelets are part of our Mix and Match interchangeable line. A single med alert tag, engraved with your information, can move easily from one bracelet strand to another for fresh looks whenever you want. Our interchangeable stretch styles have the added element of being easy to slide on and off over your hand without clasping, which is helpful if you experience any fine motor challenges or swelling of your hands or wrists.
Man wearing medical alert dog tag necklace for cancer condition Dog tags and necklaces: All of our dog tags and necklaces can be worn under or over the shirt so they are as discreet or noticeable as you want them to be. Many of these styles also feature greater engraving space allowances than most of our products, making them a great option for those with substantial amounts of information to list.

Custom engraved cancer alert bracelets

Whether you need to engrave information about chemotherapy, lung cancer treatment, or a lymphedema risk, custom engraving gives you the flexibility to list the information most important for your individual care.

Here are six things people engrave on custom cancer bracelets:

Medical alert dog tag necklace for Thyroid Cancer Lymphoma medical alert tag Lymphedema medical alert tag with custom engraving