Dementia Bracelets & Necklaces

“Dementia is a term used to describe a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with your daily life,” according to the Mayo Clinic. “It isn't a specific disease, but several diseases can cause dementia.”

Wandering (also called, “Traveling”) is often associated with dementia in its various forms. “Wandering can pose a major problem for the caregiver and can be dangerous for a person who has Alzheimer's disease or another dementia,” explains Kaiser Permanente. “Use medical identification. Get a medical ID bracelet for the person so that you can be contacted if they wander away.”

This is where Lauren’s Hope comes in. We make shopping for a dementia bracelet simple. Simply choose the dementia jewelry you or your loved one like, and we will custom size and engrave it to suit your needs.

The Importance of Personalized Dementia Jewelry

One common safety tip families often receive is about the importance of identification bracelets for dementia patients.

AARP writes, “One of the most common safety concerns for people with dementia is that they will leave the house and get lost.” Among their top advice, “Make sure they can be identified. Be sure your loved ones have some form of identification on them, and keep in mind they may take off certain items of clothing or lose their wallets. Multiple forms of identification, emergency contact numbers and disclosure of their medical diagnosis of dementia are a good idea, including an ID bracelet or pendant, identification inside their clothing and in their wallet.”

Whether you choose an ID necklace or an ID bracelet for dementia, opting for a custom-engraved medic alert is essential. The first step is choosing a style.

What to Include on a Dementia ID Bracelet or Necklace

If you or someone you love experiences memory loss or memory impairment related to dementia, medical ID jewelry is a true necessity. We recommend listing the wearer’s name, diagnosis(es), any medications, all allergies, and emergency contact numbers.

Here are some examples of common engravings for medical ID jewelry for people with dementia, memory loss, or memory impairment:

ICE 555-746-4097
ICE 555-746-0014
ICE 555-746-4097
ICE 555-746-4098

Lauren’s Hope Personalized Dementia Bracelets

People sometimes refer to a dementia bracelet as an Alzheimer’s Bracelet, as Alzheimer’s is, “the most common cause of dementia,” according to the Mayo Clinic. Regardless of the cause or type of dementia, our range of custom medic alert jewelry is sure to have a design that’s perfect for your needs.

Did you know? People often ask about “locking” identification bracelets for dementia patients. Locking bracelets are a safety hazard that can cause injury to the wearer, and as such, we neither carry nor recommend them.

We do have some IDs with more discreet closures, which may be helpful if your loved one has a habit of fidgeting with clasps or removing their jewelry regularly.

However, there is no one specific ID bracelet for dementia, because people are unique in their needs and those needs can change over time as dementia progresses. While a more discreet style may be ideal for one person, another may be more inclined to wear a stylish bracelet.

Lauren’s Hope Personalized Dementia Necklaces

A dementia necklace is a pendant or dog tag, custom engraved with the wearer’s vital information. For some, the familiarity of having worn dog tags before or the ability to tuck a pendant under a shirt may make a necklace an ideal solution.

We carry a broad range of custom-engravable medical ID necklaces, dog tags, and pendants for men and women.

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