Medical ID Necklaces & Bracelets for Diabetes

The CDC and American Diabetes Association agree that wearing a diabetes medical bracelet or necklace is essential to obtaining proper care in an emergency.

Additionally, in our 2020 survey of First Responders, 80% of participants agreed that custom-engraved medical alert bracelets and necklaces are the most effective forms of med ID, as opposed to pre-engraved tags or tech solutions such as USB IDs. Furthermore, 95% of respondents strongly agree that wearing medical ID jewelry can help improve patient outcomes, making it clear why diabetic bracelets and necklaces are essential for everyday wear.

The Importance of Diabetes ID Bracelets & Necklaces

Because diabetes can carry the risk of causing a medical emergency at almost any time, it is one of the most common conditions for which people wear medical ID jewelry. In fact, because med IDs are so widely used in the diabetes community, there are some common misconceptions about diabetes alerts:

  • The medical symbol stands for diabetes, so I don’t need to engrave anything on my diabetes bracelet. False. There are a few variations of the medical caduceus or staff of life symbol, but they are all general symbols indicating the presence of vital information. There is no symbol specific to diabetic bracelets.
  • I only need to wear my diabetes medical bracelet if I am traveling or alone. False. While it is important to wear your diabetic necklace or bracelet while traveling or alone, it is just as important to wear your med ID on a daily basis. In an emergency, people panic, forgetting key information. People get separated from their purses, wallets, and phones, where extended medical information might be stored. Having your ID on your person at all times is the best way to ensure that you have your medical information handy at a glance.
  • I will always have diabetes, so I only need a diabetes tattoo, not a bunch of jewelry. False. Approximately half of Americans under 40 have at least one tattoo. EMTs do not have time to check every tattoo on every patient. Additionally, a tattoo that indicates you have diabetes, even if it specifies which type of diabetes, still falls short, failing to identify you, provide any information about your treatment plan, or give access to emergency contacts.

Custom engraving a bracelet for diabetes and wearing it daily is essential. EMTs agree:

“Medical IDs are a great way to let EMS know vital health information when you don't have family or friends around, and you cannot speak for yourself. Medical IDs can speed up the diagnosis time, allowing EMS to give life-saving medications faster.”- Austin B. EMT

What About USB IDs for Diabetes?

USB medical IDs are simply ineffective in a diabetic emergency, or really any medical emergency for that matter. A full 100% of the respondents to the 2020 Lauren’s Hope First Responder Survey* stated that they NEVER access patient information via USB medical IDs or patient flash drives because:

Additionally, USB medical IDs and other tech bracelets for diabetes typically require an internet connection and a secondary device. In an emergency, scanning a QR code, calling a 1-800 number, or accessing a password-protected web portal may simply be too time consuming and cumbersome during a field diagnosis. While some of these options (excluding USB drives) are great for sharing a more complete history once you reach the hospital, during a true emergency, nothing beats having your key, vital information accessible at a glance.

During our 2020 First Responder Survey, Zachary DiGiusto, NRAEMT, stated that, as an Advanced EMT,

“...I need to know information that can help me form a field diagnosis and understand why you might be unconscious (i.e. diabetes or blood thinners might indicate stroke), or how to best assess you (i.e. no BP on right side or cognitive impairments), or how to manage you (i.e. hearing loss). I am only with a patient for 10-30 minutes, so certain information may be important to the receiving facility/physician, but not me as EMS.”

Do Diabetics Need Custom Engraved Diabetic Jewelry?

With the need for so much medical information at a moment’s notice, diabetic bracelets are truly most effective when it is a personalized piece of jewelry with the medical alert symbol on the front and room for custom laser engraving on the back. This is why cheap medical ID bracelets that come pre-engraved with the word “diabetes” may look like appealing options but ultimately fall short.

These overly simple medical IDs may get the word “diabetes” on your wrist, letting EMTs know to immediately check your blood sugar levels, but they fail to communicate your identity, emergency contact information, diabetes type, whether you are on insulin and by what method, what other medications you may be taking, and whether you have any other medical conditions, treatment considerations, or drug allergies. Lauren’s Hope diabetic necklaces and bracelets can be custom engraved to include your most vital medical information, and medical alert tags on interchangeable styles of bracelets for diabetes can be swapped out with your most up-to-date information.

What to Include on a Personalized Diabetes Bracelet or Necklace

Now that you know why custom medical ID necklaces and bracelets for diabetes come so highly recommended by medical institutions and personnel, let’s discuss what you should include on your diabetic bracelet or necklace:

Which Diabetes Medical Alert is Right for Me?

Because all of our medical ID jewelry is custom engravable, every diabetes medical bracelet or necklace can be personalized just for you. Choose from various styles such as beaded, sterling silver, stainless steel, and leather diabetes medical IDs. You can choose a necklace, bracelet, or both!

Here are a few other things to consider when choosing the best diabetes medical alert for your personal needs:

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Lauren’s Hope Diabetic Jewelry

Custom engraving means you never have to search for a Type 2 Diabetes bracelet and choose from a limited selection. Your choice of Type 1 Diabetes bracelet may be the same design another person wears for T2D or any other condition or diagnosis. You select the design of necklace or bracelet, for diabetes of any type, and we custom engrave it with your personal information.

Lauren’s Hope medical IDs provide peace of mind to the wearer and their family. But we offer so much more:

Select and customize your med ID today. Shop men’s medical bracelets, women’s medical ID bracelets, and more!