Your new Medical ID is FSA/HSA Eligible!
Your new Medical ID is
FSA/HSA Eligible!
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Waterproof Medical ID Bracelets for Women

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Waterproof medical alert bracelets for women are pool-friendly and durable! Need a workout-friendly ICE bracelet? Find your sport medical ID bracelets here.

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    Waterproof and Sport Medical ID Bracelets

    Lauren's Hope has waterproof medical ID bracelets to support all your favorite activities. Available with custom engraving and displaying the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol, our workout-friendly medical alert bracelet indicates to first responders your medical conditions and specific treatment considerations. If you just need "in case of emergency" identification, our ID tags are perfect for you. They're a stylish way to wear your ICE contact information in the pool or on the court.

    Choose from sport medical ID bracelets fashioned from stainless steel in a variety of metal tones, as well as paracord or durable silicone bands. You can also opt for interchangeable medical ID tags and bracelet stands. We have options to suit any taste, mood, or outfit.

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