Jelly Band Silicone Medical Alert Band

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Jelly Band Silicone Medical Alert Band
Jelly Band Silicone Medical Alert Band
Jelly Band Silicone Medical Alert Band
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Allergy alert jewelry not only helps remind caregivers and other adults about your child's allergies, but it is also essential that, in an emergency, first responders know about life-threatening allergies immediately. Our silicone allergy alert bands are perfect for bringing awareness to your child's food or insect allergies.

Each medical alert band is customizable and comes with 1 medical caduceus button. There are an additional 4 openings on each allergy alert band where you can add the appropriate food and/or insect allergy alert buttons. These latex-free, silicone medical alert bands and allergy buttons are comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

*Not recommended for children younger than 5.


  • Made of soft, durable silicone
  • Comes with one medical caduceus button
  • Pair it with up to 4 jelly buttons (sold separately)
  • To measure for your Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist starting at the 0, leaving no room between your skin and the measuring tape, and add 1/2" - 1".
  • Snug Measurement + 1/2 - 1 Inch = Your Bracelet Size
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Jelly Buttons
  1. Silicone Medical Caduceus Symbol +$5.00 Add item
  2. Jelly Button Silicone Bee Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  3. Jelly Button Silicone Peanut Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  4. Jelly Button Silicone Sesame Seed Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  5. Jelly Button Silicone Soy Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  6. Jelly Button Silicone Tree Nut Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  7. Jelly Button Silicone Fish Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  8. Jelly Button Silicone Gluten Free +$5.00 Add item
  9. Jelly Button Silicone Shellfish Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  10. Jelly Button Silicone Strawberry Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  11. Jelly Button Silicone Corn Allergy +$5.00 Add item
  12. Jelly Button Silicone Call 911 +$5.00 Add item
  13. Jelly Button Silicone Insulin Pump +$5.00 Add item
  14. Jelly Button Silicone Diabetes +$5.00 Add item
  15. Jelly Button Silicone Use Epipen +$5.00 Add item
  16. Jelly Button Silicone Type 1 +$5.00 Add item
  17. Jelly Button Silicone Insulin Dependent +$5.00 Add item
  18. Jelly Button Silicone Non Verbal +$5.00 Add item
  19. Jelly Button Silicone Autism +$5.00 Add item
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