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Purple Medical Alert Bracelets

Custom Purple medic alert bracelets from Lauren’s Hope offer the personalized safety you need in styles you want.

24 items
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Pixie Stretch Beaded Silver Pastel Medical ID Bracelet
Starts at $59.00 $49.00
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Mackenzie Lavender and Silver Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Starts at $63.00 $53.00
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Ella Medical ID Bracelet in Violet and Silver
Starts at $62.00 $52.00
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Orchid Beaded Stretch Medical ID Bracelet in Gold
Starts at $59.00 $49.00
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Saylor Medical ID Bracelet in Orchid and Gold
Starts at $62.00 $52.00
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Pixie Medical ID Jewelry Set
Starts at $109.00 $99.00
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Peony Pearl Beaded Medical ID Bracelet
Starts at $65.00 $55.00
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Purple Medical ID Bracelets

Lauren’s Hope offers a wide range of Purple medic alert bracelets for women, men, and children. From sporty, silicone med alert bands to stylish sterling silver med ID bracelets, we have exactly what you need. And because they’re all custom engravable, you can choose any style (or styles!) you want, and we will personalize it just for you.

Our medical ID bracelets offer various features to meet your needs. Choose from stretch and cuff bracelets, perfect for those who have dexterity challenges or trouble with clasps. Go for a silicone band for a discreet, waterproof, workout-friendly option. Shop magnetic styles for adjustable closures that offer daily size adjustability and easy on/off wear. Pick an interchangeable style so you can move one ID tag between as many bracelets as you’d like for a fresh look every day. Whatever type of med alert bracelet you want and need, Lauren’s Hope has you covered.