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Boys' Medical ID Alert Jewelry
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Boys Medical ID Dog Tags

    Medical ID Dog Tags For Kids

    Medical ID dog tags: For kids who want a no-fuss, simple med ID, they’re a great option. Available in hypoallergenic stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, our dog tags for boys feature the universally recognized medical caduceus symbol on the front. This symbol serves to alert EMTs and other first responders to your child’s information, which we custom engrave on the back.

    Every boys’ medical dog tag necklace is designed to be comfortable when worn over a shirt or discreetly tucked underneath. Easy to put on and take off by themselves, our boys’ dog tags are water-resistant and durable.

    Teens may want to shop our men’s medical ID dog tags for additional options. And of course, we have full lines of med ID necklaces for girls and women.

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