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Stainless Steel Medical ID Necklaces

Shop custom-engravable stainless steel medical alert necklaces, dog tags, and pendants.

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Why Stainless Steel Medical ID Necklaces?

First responders participating in our 2020 Survey overwhelmingly report that they check neck and both wrists for a medical alert when evaluating a patient. This means the decision as to whether to opt for a med ID necklace as opposed to a med ID bracelet is entirely a matter of your personal preference.

People often choose medical alert necklaces because they need to keep their wrists free of jewelry due to work safety or similar needs. Some people prefer the discreet nature of necklaces in that they can be worn over or under a shirt. And still others simply choose necklaces because they like them. Whatever your reason, if you opt for a pendant or dog tag, we highly recommend choosing stainless steel.

Not looking for a necklace? You can shop our stainless steel medical ID bracelets here.

Our women’s stainless steel medical ID necklace line includes pendant and dog tag styles. Our stainless steel medical ID dog tags for men also come with a stainless steel necklace. Why choose a stainless steel medical alert necklace? There are several reasons:

  1. They are nickel-free and hypoallergenic
  2. They can be worn under or over the shirt
  3. Most are waterproof and ideal for 24/7 wear
  4. They are easy to gift, as no measurements are needed
  5. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and durable

Stainless Steel Medical ID Necklaces For Everyone

With so many benefits, opting for a stainless steel medical ID necklace is an easy choice. The tougher call is choosing just one! We offer a carefully curated selection of women’s medical alert necklaces, with designs ranging from minimalist dog tags to layered necklaces with mother of pearl inlays.

The stylish options aren’t exclusive to women. Our men’s dog tags are available in basic silver and also in upgraded versions such as those with wood and carbon fiber inlays. All of them come on stainless steel necklaces, from simple ball chains to upscale snake and box chains.

And of course we have a stainless steel medical alert necklace selection for kids with fun colors and designs. Looking for a bit more color? Check out our aluminum dog tags for kids.

Shop Med ID Stainless Steel Necklaces at Lauren’s Hope

Every stainless steel medical alert necklace we sell comes with two main parts: our pendants or dog tags and their coordinating stainless steel necklaces (chains). On every pendant, regardless of design, there is a medical symbol on the front, which first responders are trained to look for in order to access your personal information, which we custom engrave for you on the back.

And of course, you can shop with confidence when you choose Lauren’s Hope:

  • FREE one-year warranty
  • Highly trained, in-house Customer Care team
  • FREE video consultations and shopping sessions
  • FSA/HSA card acceptance