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Orchid Stretch Medical ID Duet

Item: C465
From $59.99 | $59.99
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  • Rose gold, rose gold filled, and rose gold dipped
  • Lilac beads and purple crystals
  • Cubic zirconia mini charm and accent bar
  • Interchangeable medical ID strand
  • Detached accent strand
  • Single strand medical ID
  • Not recommended for wear in pools, hot tubs, or ocean water
  • Stretch: Elastic stranding for easy on/off wear
  • SmartFit: Slide SmartBead up or down for a perfect fit


The Orchid Stretch Medical ID Duet brings together the best of our Slip-On styles! This Duet comes with two Slip-On bracelets:

One interchangeable, stretch medical ID that pairs with any Lauren’s Hope medical ID tag, and one coordinating accessory bracelet with a SmartFit closure for easy-on, adjustable bling!

The medical ID bracelet strand features glossy lilac beads with matching amethyst crystals and rose gold accents along with a rose gold and amethyst mini charm. The accessory bracelet coordinates beautifully with a rose gold dipped, cz-encrusted accent bar and a SmartFit closure for easy on/off wear. As with all of our Stretch Medical ID Bracelets, the med ID strand in the Orchid Stretch Medical ID Duet is hand-stranded on high quality elastic, giving you exactly the look you want while allowing you to put your bracelets on over your hand: no clasping necessary! Paired with your favorite fashion accessories or worn alone, the Orchid Stretch Medical ID Duet is designed to keep your look fun and fresh every day.

Your Orchid Stretch Medical ID bracelet strand pairs perfectly with any of our custom-engravable medical ID tags. They feature the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol on the front, which alerts medical personnel to your information, engraved on the back. And because it’s interchangeable, you can move that tag from one bracelet to the next in a snap!

Part of our Slip-On Collection, the Stretch Medical ID Bracelets are designed to be easy to put on and take off over your hand without using the clasps. Hand-stranded on sturdy elastic, these convenient medical IDs stretch easily to go over your hand and shrink right back down to size for a comfortable fit every time. The SmartFit accent bracelet has a SmartBead closure. Simply slide the SmartBead up or down for exactly the fit you want, every time.

Whether you or your loved ones wear a medical alert bracelet for diabetes, lymphedema or post-mastectomy care, heart conditions, food allergies, or any other medical condition or treatment consideration, Slip-On Medical ID Bracelets are a terrific option. Durable, stretchy, and on-trend, these flexible medical ID bracelets are easy to put on and remove, making them ideal for people experiencing swelling of the extremities, weight fluctuations, or dexterity challenges.

*Please review the Measuring Guide before ordering this item to ensure a great fit.


We'll custom size your bracelet for a fit that's not too tight or too loose.

Whether you are ordering a bracelet with a tag OR the bracelet portion only:

1. Snugly measure your wrist

2. Select your wrist size

3. We'll add the appropriate length to create a comfortable fit

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Orchid Stretch Medical ID Duet

Item: C465
From $59.99 | $59.99
With code
2 Reviews

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