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Medical ID Alert Tech IDs

    The MyID™ line of personal information bands with cloud-based personal health profile is an exciting addition to the Lauren’s Hope medical ID jewelry collection. Every MyID™ product comes with a 1-year service subscription and bears up to three methods of accessing your key medical and contact information: scannable QR code, website, and phone number. Users and/or caregivers can complete and update the online health profile associated with any band by going online or downloading a free app.

    First responders can access your information with a scan, call, or click!

    Why Wear MyID™?

    Having an online health portal that is both secure and accessible protects you and your loved ones and saves medical personnel precious time in diagnosing and treating you in an emergency. There are some outstanding extra benefits of wearing a MyID™ band:

    • Discreet style keeps information handy but not obvious to casual observers.
    • The online health profile is especially useful for people with extensive medical histories or frequently changing health and contact information.
    • Caregivers can update online profiles for people who need assistance, even from afar.