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MyID™ Medical Bracelet Tech IDs

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MyID™ Medical Bracelet Tech IDs

    Easy to set up and comfortable to wear, the tech ID is the latest in modern medical ID jewelry. Rather than wearing electronic medical alert bracelets, which require charging and internet connectivity, a simple tech ID, such as a MyID Medical Bracelet, can give you the benefits of cloud-based health profiles without the hardware.

    Lauren’s Hope offers stylish tech IDs for men and women in a variety of materials and designs to suit any style or activity level. Some of these “smart IDs” are strictly MyID Medical Bracelets, bearing contact points such as a toll-free number, QR code, and website, which allow the reader to access your cloud-based medical health profile using the unique User ID and PIN engraved on the med ID tag.

    Our other tech IDs have room for more engraving, so you get the best of both worlds: a custom-engraved medical ID with your most urgent information at a glance plus a tech ID with access to an online health portal where you can store additional information such as your detailed medical history, additional emergency contacts, insurance information, medication dosages, and more.

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