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Medical ID Alert Tags

    Medical Alert ID Tags

    Lauren’s Hope medical alert ID tags are a fashionable and practical way to quickly notify first responders about your medical conditions and treatment considerations. We have medical alert tags for adults and children, crafted from durable stainless steel to accommodate today’s active lifestyles. All of our medical ID tags feature the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol, which is how first responders know to look on the back for your engraved information.

    Designed to be worn with our interchangeable medical ID bracelets, these stylish medical ID tags come in a variety of metal tones, caduceus colors, and exclusive designs, all of which can be custom engraved with up to 6 lines of your vital medical and emergency contact information.

    Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags provide all-day peace of mind for men, women, and children. Plus, on most products we offer your choice of discreet, tone-on-tone, traditional rotary engraving, or our more popular Premium Laser engraving, which provides lettering contrast for ease of reading.

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