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Rose Gold Tone Silhouette Tag

Item: 065
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    Adding rings to your medical ID tag makes it easier to clasp, but is not recommended for wrists smaller than 6 inches. Please do not adjust your bracelet size, as we will accommodate for this option when crafting your jewelry.
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    From $20.99
    • Product Details
    • Description
    • Engraving on inside: 6 lines of 20 characters (including spaces) per line.
    • Hypoallergenic stainless steel
    • Silhouette pattern with white caduceus and red accent
    • 1 ½” x ⅝”
    • Water resistant

    The Rose Tone Silhouette Medical ID Tag is a striking, detailed medical alert tag with a geometric background pattern and crisp white inlay. The red-outlined, crisp white medical caduceus symbol on the front is internationally recognized by first responders, alerting them to your personal medical information engraved on the back.

    All of our medical alert tags are water-safe and compatible with our interchangeable medical ID bracelet strands.

    When engraving your medical ID tag, we recommend listing your name, chief medical condition(s), treatment considerations, any known allergies, and at least one emergency contact number, preceded by the letters ICE for, “In Case of Emergency.” Our medical alert tags are available with and without medical ID bracelet strands. Should you want a new look or need a different engraving, you can simply order a new medical ID tag and wear it with your existing interchangeable medical ID bracelet strands.

    Always double check your engraving. Engraved items are not eligible for refund or exchange.