Shop by Medical ID Style

When selecting the best medical ID for your needs, consider the material and style of the med ID and how it works with your wardrobe and your life. For instance, if you prefer a sportier look, silicone medical IDs are a great choice. If you have dexterity challenges or prefer a clasp-free bracelet, you’ll love our slip-on medical IDs, including our stretch styles. These flexible med ID bracelets are hand-crafted on high quality elastic, so they slip on right over your hand, yet they still have lobster clasps at both ends so you can pair your stretch strand with any of your Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags.

Our beaded and rose gold medical ID bracelets are some of our most popular, on-trend designs. Perfect for a night out or a day at the office, these stylish medical IDs are custom engravable, making them suitable for any diagnosis.

Metal medical alerts range from our most classic, discreet medical IDs to elegant, exclusive designs you’ll only find at Lauren’s Hope. Available in quality metals including hypoallergenic stainless steel and sterling silver, we carry metal med IDs for adults and children alike.