Kids’ Medical Alert Jewelry

Custom-engravable kids' medical ID jewelry: All-day peace of mind for you. Fun, colorful styles for them.
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Benefits of Medical ID Jewelry For Kids

We offer a selection of medical ID jewelry for kids with any medical need. Whether your child has food allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, special needs, or any other diagnosis, we have the right kids’ medical alert jewelry for you. That’s because all of our kids’ jewelry is custom engravable, so you can choose a style your child likes and we will personalize it to meet your needs.

Kids’ medical ID jewelry is beneficial for:

  • Helping first responders and adult caregivers access vital information quickly
  • Keeping your contact information on your child at all times
  • Providing parents with peace of mind
  • Teaching kids to be proactive in their wellness

Parents also use our med ID bracelets for kids who tend to wander, for those who might forget important phone numbers in an emergency, or simply as ICE (In Case of Emergency) IDs because kids do not carry other forms of identification. This can be especially helpful during travel or when attending crowded events.

Kids’ Medical Alert Jewelry Essentials

When choosing a medical ID for kids, there are a few key elements to consider:

  • Medical alert jewelry for kids has to be custom engravable so parents’ or guardians’ contact information is always accessible along with vital medical information.
  • Kids’ medical alert ID jewelry needs to be comfortable and durable so kids can wear it 24/7.
  • When reasonable, a kid’s medical alert bracelet or necklace should be something children help choose. When kids like their IDs, they’re happier and more confident about wearing them. This is why we carry juvenile designs for younger children while also offering some of our adult styles in smaller sizes for older kids and tweens.

What Should Be Listed on Kids’ ID Jewelry?

All of our kids’ ID jewelry is custom engravable. Before ordering, it’s important to decide what to engrave on ID jewelry. For kids, we recommend engraving:

  • NAME

While that may seem like a lot of information, most of our IDs allow for six lines of custom engraving, which is typically more than enough for engraving medical ID jewelry for kids. Need help with engraving? Contact us for one-on-one assistance or refer to our What to Engrave FAQ.

Shop ID Jewelry for Kids of All Ages at Lauren’s Hope!

Our kids’ medical ID jewelry is divided into two main groupings: boys’ medical ID jewelry and girls’ medical ID jewelry. Within each section, you’ll find a range of kids’ medical alert jewelry and accessories such as bag tags and replacement chains. With styles for toddlers through teens, Lauren’s Hope has the right med ID for the kids in your life. Plus, when you shop with us, you also get:

  • A FREE one-year warranty
  • A US-based, in-house Customer Care team
  • One-on-one, FREE video consultations and shopping sessions
  • The ability to pay with your FSA/HSA card
  • Master Engravers who spell check and custom engrave every ID
  • Chemical-free engraving, nickel-free metals, and hypoallergenic materials for IDs designed to help keep your kids safe while also being safe to wear.