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Men's Medical ID Bracelets

At Lauren’s Hope, we carry an extensive line of medical ID jewelry for men, including custom-engravable medical ID necklaces and bracelets. Some of our medical bracelets for men are interchangeable, meaning that the bracelet strand and medical ID tag are separate pieces, allowing you to swap out a leather medical ID bracelet strand for a stainless steel one with just two clicks, all while using the same medical alert tag. We also carry traditional-closure, stainless steel medical ID bracelets for men in a variety of finishes.

Prefer not to wear a bracelet? There’s also the medical alert necklace for men who want a more discreet style or those whose work precludes them from wearing a medic alert bracelet.

Have questions about sizing or choosing the right medical alert jewelry product for your lifestyle? Please contact us any time at, or call us between 8 am and 4:30 pm US Central time, Monday through Friday, at 1.800.360.8680.