Onyx Ceramic Stainless Steel Alert Bracelet

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Onyx Ceramic Stainless Steel Alert Bracelet
Onyx Ceramic Stainless Steel Alert Bracelet
Onyx Ceramic Stainless Steel Alert Bracelet
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The Onyx Ceramic medical alert bracelet is composed of black ceramic links, each with a small magnet inside, and a stainless steel medical ID tag bearing the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol.

*Note: Because this bracelet contains magnets, it may not be appropriate for people with pacemakers or other devices. Always consult your physician if you think magnets or other products may interfere with your medical implants or other equipment.


  • Engraving on inside: 3 lines, 20 characters each, spaces included
  • Stainless steel with color finish
  • Ceramic
  • Water resistant
  • Affixed tag (non-interchangeable)
  • To measure for your Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist starting at the 0, leaving no room between your skin and the measuring tape, and add one half inch.
  • Snug Measurement + ½ Inch = Your Bracelet Size
Start Building Your Medical ID
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  1. +$8.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
  2. +$2.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
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Engraving Method

Traditional engraving appears tone-on-tone as shown below.

We recommend you engrave...

  • First and Last Name
  • Medical Condition(s)
  • Food or Drug Allergies
  • Emergency Contact #1
  • Emergency Contact #2

Tips and Hints

  • Be sure to indicate if you are on a medication or allergic to the medication.
  • Unless you are listing several numbers for the same person you do not need to indicate that it is a cell or work number.
  • The shorter the line, the larger the font will appear on the tag.
  • The tag will be easier to read if the lines are evenly spaced.
  • When listing allergies say "peanut allergy" instead of "allergy to peanuts" because it takes up less space.

Common Medical Abbreviations

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